2020 OTAO Annual Party held on Jan 20th

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus at the beginning of the year, all countries strictly control the entry of people, which seriously affects international trade. With the continuous cancellation of offline exhibitions, the sales volume of offline retail customers has declined sharply, the performance of some suppliers has been decreasing, and even different industries have been in a serious depression. Enterprises of different sizes have also gone bankrupt due to the reduction of order sales.

 OTAO has a group of young people who dare to work hard and faced the challenge. Under the epidemic situation, the OTAO team constantly thinks and searches for more methods and creates miracles of sales performance, which makes the enterprise constantly refresh the sales records and make us stand out in the field of screen protector.

On Jan 20th, OTAO Annual Party was held in Liuyue Hotel, Shenzhen City. The whole ceremony was exciting and warm. The ceremony concluded with a performance show, the awards, the speech of the OTAO general manager and the dinner party.

Mr. Andy, General Manager, said: “In 2020, the foreign trade environment was not so good. It was quite a hard job to do foreign trader worldwide. In 2021, everything is a new beginning; the vaccination is started in all countries step by step. It will be more challenge, but all of us have confidence to overcome the difficulty, and reach a new high point.”

As Viewed back on 2020, OTAO kept growing and developing. We all made our effort to make life better. All of the Members will always remember the mission, and work hard to make sure to deliver the quality products of screen protectors.

The lucky draw was on after the awards. The atmosphere was nervous and exciting, and many of our colleagues gained the amazing present. It was a warm and harmonious dining party with our team members, and all of us will try our best to make 2021 a better year.

Post time: Jan-20-2021