2.5D Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 series

2.5D Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 series

OTAO anti-blue light screen protector will keep your eyes safe and make using your iPhone a more pleasurable experience. 9H on the Moh’s  scale of mineral hardness and feature an oleophobic coating that adds a layer of fingerprint smudge resistance. Unlike other products on the market, our screen protectors will retain the color accuracy and vibrancy of your  iPhone while retaining its touch sensitivity.

Product Detail

Blocks up to 43% of harmful blue light
• Reduces digital eye strain

• Strong impact and scratch protection

• Easy, step-by-step installation process

• Water and smudge resistant

• Case friendly, edge-to-edge coverage

• Perfect touch sensitivity

Compatible Devices

 iPhone 12 Mini;

 iPhone 12;

 iPhone 12 Pro;

 iPhone 12 Pro Max;

● iPhone 11;

 iPhone 11 Pro;

 iPhone 11 Pro Max;


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Strongest Glass Screen Protection

The aluminium-silicate glass and the tempering technology used in OTAO Tempered Glass to increase the surface tension of the glass making the full body stronger.

Maximum Scratch Protection

OTAO Tempered glass uses premium glass material and special hard coating treatment.So it prevents most of scratches in daily life by such as blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects above the ground scraping.


Accurate Size and Sensitive Touching

Perfect craftsmanship always gives you best result and same is applicable for good tempered glass film. A accurate cut by an expert means your tempered glass screen protector gives perfect and full coverage.

Easy Installation

The installation of OTAO tempered film is very simple and convenient. If you are considering the terminal, you can also choose our applicator(also called installation tray)to assist the installation. Even a consumer without film experience can easily put a film on it.

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