Schoot Glass

  • iPhone 12 series Schott tempered glass screen protector

    iPhone 12 series Schott tempered glass screen protector

    What is Schott Glass Protector?

    The German SCHOTT Group is a multinational high-tech group company established in 1884. 130 years of industry experience in the field of special glass, materials and advanced technology. And its main business areas include: household appliances, medicine, electronics, optics and transportation. SCHOTT High-quality material, shatter-resistant screen protection film is made of the hardest SCHOTT glass in the industry. In the process of producing mobile phone tempered film, OTAO uses a double strengthening process to enhance the impact resistance of the glass. Your mobile phone can withstand 25 feet Survive the drop in altitude, keeping the phone intact. Its powerful anti-shatter protection function beats most of the competitors in the market and brings customers a more perfect experience.