Eliminating the rainbow pattern on glass screen protector for sunglasses

When driving on the road or traveling outdoors, do you often wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from strong light, it is also a handsome dressing accessory.

Then, the problem arises. When you look at the phone screen with sunglasses on, does the glass screen protector have a rainbow pattern experience?

After installing a tempered glass screen protector, even a high-definition one, it will have light or dark rainbow patterns. It can affect the display of the entire phone screen and even make your eyes feel dizzy. But due to work, personal photography, and important information processing, you must closely monitor your mobile information. so you don’t want it to affect your pleasant travel and driving,

Therefore, we have developed the anti rainbow pattern glass screen protector, which can effectively minimize the impact, as shown in the following figure, and the effection is very obvious. This technology can be superimposed on any type of  tempered glass, 2.5D or 3D for any brand mobile phone and model.

When we use indoors without wearing sunglasses, not matt glass, it is a very high-definition and smooth glass screen protector products, which will not affect our normal daily use.

If you are a brand or distributor looking for new products, you can try to recommend them to your consumers. It will be a very good product, which can eliminate the rainbow lines without the need to put off sunglasses.

If you are a distributor, or consumer, welcome to contact us to get a sample to test.


Post time: May-25-2023