iPhone 2.5D PMMA screen protector Never broken edge

iPhone 2.5D PMMA screen protector Never broken edge

Compared with tempered glass, PMMA screen protector is a new product last year. As a soft film, full cover with certain hardness. The main features are not broken and full of glue.

Product Detail

With the development of a smartphone, the screen protector is widely accepted by consumers. And now, more and more people had found their different demand on screen protectors. Hence, more functional and materials have been enforced on thin film and glass. PMMA screen protector is a new product last year. The main features are not broken and full of glue.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), also known as acrylic glass or plexiglass, is a good quality in synthetic transparent materials. It is made of acetone, sodium cyanide, methanol, carbonic acid, etc., and is made into methyl methacrylate, and then polymerized,

It can be processed by laser cutting. This feature is not available for tempered glass. Therefore, PMMA can withstand high temperature and low-temperature environments. Manufacturer and Consumers don't need to worry about the temperature during the production process.

As a transparent and rigid thermoplastic material, it is widely used as a shatterproof replacement for glass. PMMA screen protector offers maximum light filtration for pixel-perfect clarity and brilliant color accuracy paired with superior protection from impacts, drops, scratches, dust, scrapes and daily wear.

PMMA has the characteristics of hard, non-fragile, highly transparent, weather-resistant, chemically stable, easy to process, beautiful in appearance, easy to dye and form, and has become a widely used transparent plastic material. It creates a durable layer of protection that goes on clear and keeps your device looking newer, longer.

Compatible Devices

1.Shatter-proof – PMMA screen protector is a soft film, Full Cover with certain hardness,

2 Never broken edge  -- polymer molding, and more durable more comprehensive protection. Unbreakable hybrid Fiber Sheet. Its elastic makes Ceramics Film much easier to bend with no harmful effects.

3. Anti-Fingerprints –  Anti-fingerprint coating, Waterproof, oil-proof, and easy to clean

4. Touch Sensitivity -- Ceramic screen protector is ultra-thin, 100% precision and sensitivity to touch, Unlock fingerprint smartly

5. Scratch Resistant -- Designed with certain hardness and self-adhesive, and protects your daily scratches.

6. Easy installation -- anyone can DIY on installing perfect screen protectors,  Precise pore position automatically adsorption, and easy to push out the bubbles


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