MacBook 12 privacy tempered glass screen protector

MacBook 12 privacy tempered glass screen protector

When using a Macbook without privacy film, the screen is a surround sharing screen, so you and the people around you can see the screen clearly. When you put the OTAO privacy tempered glass on the screen, it is an exclusive privacy screen, which can only be seen by you and the screen information cannot be seen from the side.

Product Detail



Everyone has had this experience. When we’re using Macbook to make payment, we’re afraid that others will see the password or scan your QR code to steal your money. On the high-speed rail,subway, or in the elevator, opening business documents is also afraid of being caught.

In order to prevent others from seeing the content of our mobile. OTAO developed privacy tempered glass screen protector in 2014 which also called as anti-spy or anti-peep tempered glass screen protector..

Principle of privacy film

The privacy film adds a privacy filter in the ordinary film, by using the Micro-louver optical technology, control the angle of the light, so the viewing angle of the mobile phone screen is narrowed. In this way, others must be at the same frontal angle as you to see the content on the phone screen clearly, and those outside the visible range only can see a black screen.

You must avoid Fake Privacy Film

There is also a fake privacy film on the market that use polarized material instead of Micro-louver optical material. So that you can’t see the screen clearly from the front side,because it block most of light from any angels.

OTAO Privacy Glass Advantage

Now the market is flooded with various quality anti-peep tempered films, how can we choose a high-quality tempered film?

You can compare from two aspects:

● Privacy angle


Privacy angle

The anti-peeping effect is related to the viewing angle. The smaller the viewing angle, the better the anti-peeping effect. The unilateral viewing angle of the old anti-peep film is about 30°-45°, and the anti-peep effect is relatively poor, while the OTAO iPhone anti-peep film has a viewing angle of 28°, which can protect personal privacy better.

We also need to explain here. There are different names for privacy films in the market, some are called 180° privacy films (also called 2 way privacy films, which can prevent people on the left and right from peeping on their mobile phones), 360° privacy film (also called 4 way privacy film, that is, people can peep into their mobile phone privacy from four angles, up, down, left, and right). So 180°and 360°are different from the concept of privacy angle.


As for the light transmittance, it will directly affect the comfort of viewing the screen, so this is also more important.

In order to save costs, many factories will use inferior anti-peeping materials, not only the anti-peeping angle is too large, but the light transmittance is also very low, probably only 40%-50%, and users will feel discomfort after watching the screen for a few minutes.

OTAO privacy film uses a new generation of OCA optical adhesive substrate to keep the screen clear and clear, and the light transmittance can reach more than 60%. It can also effectively prevent glare and make you more comfortable when using your mobile phone.

Compatible Devices

● MacBook 12

Other Features


Easy Installation

The installation of OTAO's tempered film is very simple and convenient. If you are considering the terminal, you can also choose our applicator(also called installation tray)to assist the installation. Even a consumer without film experience can easily put a film on it.


Strongest Glass Screen Protection

The aluminium-silicate glass and the tempering technology used in OTAO Tempered Glass to increase the surface tension of the glass making the full body stronger.



Maximum Scratch Protection

OTAO Tempered glass uses premium glass material and special hard coating treatment.So it prevents most of scratches in daily life by such as blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects above the ground scraping.


Bubble Free & Dust Free

In order to save costs, many factories produce in a non-dust-free environment, and it is easy to absorb dust into the product AB glue, and some dust is difficult to be found if it has not undergone strict quality inspection after production, until they are attached. You can see it on the phone, it's too late.

Some factories use low-quality AB glue, and air bubbles may also appear.

OTAO adopts high-standard quality inspection procedures, from raw materials, production environment, production process to final storage, strictly controls, and delivers a qualified dust-free and bubble-free tempered glass screen protector to you.


9H hardness

Please note that 9H in the tempered glass industry actually refers to pencil hardness, not the well-known Mohs hardness (Pencil 9H Hardness = Mohs 6H Hardness). Each batch of OTAO tempered glass needs to pass the strict Japanese Mitsubishi 9H pencil load hardness test.


Delicate Smooth Oleo-phobic Coating Treatment

The fingerprint problem is really annoying because it reduces the visibility of the screen. In addition, there are problems such as water spraying and dripping oil, which make the situation worse.

But these things don’t happen in OTAO tempered glass screen protector.So the typing and touching the phone surface are much easier and hassle-free.

We use plasma spraying and electroplating processes to evenly spray the fingerprint oil imported from Japan on the glass film to achieve a lasting hydrophobic, water- and oil-repellent effect.

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