OPPO A94 2.5D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

OPPO A94 2.5D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass curved screen protector for OPPO A94 Full Cover, high transparency and full coverage design,offers a edge to edge protection for your phone.0.25mm ultra thin glass ensure the stable performance with sensitive touching.

Product Detail



● 9H Hardness effectively protect your mobile phone from  scuffs and scratches.

● Covers the whole of your screen including the curved edges.

● Bubble free and easy installation.

● Delicate smooth oleo-phobic coating prevents fingerprints, smudges effectively.

● Ultra thin glass ensures your screen's original touchscreen sensitivity

Compatible Devices

● OPPO A94

Other Features


9H hardness

Please note that 9H in the tempered glass industry actually refers to pencil hardness, not the well-known Mohs hardness (Pencil 9H Hardness = Mohs 6H Hardness). Each batch of OTAO tempered glass needs to pass the strict Japanese Mitsubishi 9H pencil load hardness test.


Strongest Glass Screen Protection

The aluminium-silicate glass and the tempering technology used in OTAO Tempered Glass to increase the surface tension of the glass making the full body stronger.



Reinforced Edges for Increased Protection

OTAO Tempered Glass protect the vulnerable corners and edges of your screen to prevent chips and stop cracks from starting and spreading.


Easy Installation

The installation of OTAO's tempered film is very simple and convenient. If you are considering the terminal, you can also choose our applicator(also called installation tray)to assist the installation. Even a consumer without film experience can easily put a film on it.


Bubble Free & Dust Free

In order to save costs, many factories produce in a non-dust-free environment, and it is easy to absorb dust into the product AB glue, and some dust is difficult to be found if it has not undergone strict quality inspection after production, until they are attached. You can see it on the phone, it's too late.

Some factories use low-quality AB glue, and air bubbles may also appear.

OTAO adopts high-standard quality inspection procedures, from raw materials, production environment, production process to final storage, strictly controls, and delivers a qualified dust-free and bubble-free tempered glass screen protector to you.

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