iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7’’ Tempered Glass Installing Package Solution

iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7’’ Tempered Glass Installing Package Solution

OTAO Tempered Glass Installing Package Solution. Make the installation Easy.

As brand customers OEM/ODM One-step solution provider, we’re proud to bring the new idea of glass package to you.

All that you need is to make a cover of the color box. and we can help you to customize it too.

Product Detail



● Precise positioning

● Integrated box position

● Easy Installation without Bubbles

● Welcome your custom needs

Compatible Devices

● iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7’’

Other Features


9H hardness

Please note that 9H in the tempered glass industry actually refers to pencil hardness, not the well-known Mohs hardness (Pencil 9H Hardness = Mohs 6H Hardness). Each batch of OTAO tempered glass needs to pass the strict Japanese Mitsubishi 9H pencil load hardness test.


Accurate Size and Sensitive Touching

Perfect craftsmanship always gives you best result and same is applicable for good tempered glass film. A accurate cut by an expert means your tempered glass screen protector gives perfect and full coverage. 


Easy Installation

The installation of OTAO's tempered film is very simple and convenient. If you are considering the terminal, you can also choose our applicator(also called installation tray)to assist the installation. Even a consumer without film experience can easily put a film on it.


Delicate Smooth Oleo-phobic Coating Treatment

The fingerprint problem is really annoying because it reduces the visibility of the screen. In addition, there are problems such as water spraying and dripping oil, which make the situation worse.

But these things don’t happen in OTAO tempered glass screen protector.So the typing and touching the phone surface are much easier and hassle-free.

We use plasma spraying and electroplating processes to evenly spray the fingerprint oil imported from Japan on the glass film to achieve a lasting hydrophobic, water- and oil-repellent effect.

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