Samsung Note 20 Ultra 3D Heat Bending Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 3D Heat Bending Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass curved screen protector for Samsung Note 20 Ultra, 3D full cover design can protect the entire display.Enhanced edge glue not easy to pop off,prevents scratches and dirt away.

Product Detail


 ● 3D full cover design offers complete protection

 ● Easy Installation without Bubbles

 ● Super Sensitive with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

 ● Case friendly compatible with most brand mobile case in the market.

Compatible Devices

● Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Other Features


9H hardness

Please note that 9H in the tempered glass industry actually refers to pencil hardness, not the well-known Mohs hardness (Pencil 9H Hardness = Mohs 6H Hardness). Each batch of OTAO tempered glass needs to pass the strict Japanese Mitsubishi 9H pencil load hardness test.


Accurate Size and Sensitive Touching

Perfect craftsmanship always gives you best result and same is applicable for good tempered glass film. A accurate cut by an expert means your tempered glass screen protector gives perfect and full coverage.


Shatter Protection

OTAO all tempered glass screen protector or film provide edge-to-edge impact and shatter protection.Generally, if your phone drops on the floor accidentally and hits it hard the OTAO tempered glass screen protector prevent it from shattering. So, your phone falls from a certain height you won’t get hurt by broken glass pieces.


Sensitively compatible with 3D Ultra-sonic Sensor

The flagship models of Samsung S10, S20, S21, Note10, and note 20 series all use Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, which greatly improves the security of unlocking. But it also brings great challenges to the tempered glass industry. At present, 95% of the tempered glass screen protector on the market cannot support ultrasonic fingerprint recording and recognition very well. However, OTAO tempered glass screen protector has been greatly improved in the stability and accuracy of fingerprint recognition through continuous research and development and improvement.

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